Nestled in the country with such diversification, our business etiquettes rest on delivering value to our clients by furnishing them with ingress to the heart of our country that is, the true tradition of our ethnic craftsmanship. By preserving the livelihoods of the artisans, The Fashion India also envisions at sustaining the diverse, ethnic art and craft of our land.

With an honest vision of delivering value to our consumers, we take upon every chance of insuring standard of our hand-made products. We also have a team to ensure every latest trend and hence we design accordingly. We value the precious craft and the craftsmen of our nation and intend to give them the worth that they are worthy of.

We are firm believers of keeping our brand positioning and our value proposition in sync and hence, we are able to provide our clients with a very competitive price and hence today we are operating as a Manufacturer, Trader and Exporter, in the vibrant World of Fashion, dealing in an array of products ranging from the Hand-made Costume Jewellery, Fashion Accessories & Handicrafts.


Our Handicrafts are distinctive articulations and hence exhibit our diverse culture, tradition and heritage. Handicraft holds a momentous place in the morale of the common man. Since the genesis of human civilization, man has communed through variegated forms of art. Humanity has reached till this point by holding hands with craft; it won’t be wrong if we say that humanity and crafts has been coexisting with the help of each other.

This is the largest decentralized and unorganized sector of the Indian economy. It is the craft of the people, which is symbolizing the inner desire and fulfilment of that particular community. Our craftsmen form the backbone of the non-farm rural economy.

Today, when humanity is well established, we cannot let go of our roots, our craft. Hence, by making various design interventions, we are trying to make an effort to thank our ancestry. And, keeping all these aspects in mind, this start up is our way of paying our bit to our enriched culture and heritage.


Blooming amidst the heart of Delhi, today we are operating as a Manufacturer, Trader and Exporter in the vibrant world of fashion, trading in an array of hand-made products. But reaching this point, we had our own journey of hardships and obstacles that we could overcome with our sole weapon that is our firm will.

In 1989, when Mr. Virendra Verma, who has always been an appreciator of crafts, finally decided to work in a field where his passion lies, The Fashion India was born, as a domestic supplier company for the Hand-made Costume Jewellery.

With the limited funds and knowledge, that he had and great enthusiasm, he had begun to serve to a few extremely reputed Indian Exporters based in Bombay (now Mumbai) and in New Delhi, on the ground of best possible quality work, sincere dedication towards the supply timely with the competitive prices for the collection. And, then in 1999, when he had acquired sufficient knowledge, and had set a base market in India, he stopped his domestic supply and hence decided expanded his market internationally.

In the same year 1999, the company, The Fashion India, officially got registered with Sales Tax-GST/Income Tax, other related Government Departments/Authorities, etc.

Soon after, with the honest attitude and ample experience in this commerce, The Fashion India started to get the opportunities to work with the few, most reputed brands in the fashion industry, based in the U.S.A., Canada, Sweden, Spain, France, Japan & Hong Kong on regular basis ever since.