In The Fashion India, we understand the actual needs and preferences of our consumers, and hence prepare the final collection with accordance to their approvals and satisfaction. Our products are designed in the in-house design studio and developed by the skilled craftsmen from various villages of India. This process is not just to bring the beautiful crafts of our nation to our global platform, but also to encourage those artisans to pursue their esteemed craft and earn a good livelihood through itself.

We also go for serving our consumer family with our ability, quality, workmanship, competitive prices, and our sincere, dedicated and punctual assistance. With an honest vision of delivering value to our clients, we take upon every chance of insuring standard of our hand-made products. We also have a team to ensure every latest trend and hence we design accordingly.

We are firm believers of keeping our brand positioning and our value proposition in sync and hence, we are able to provide our clients with a very competitive price, in order to maintain a good and long-lasting business relationship.


Our mission has always been to develop a precious product that is embraced with ethically sourced natural materials as per the choice of the clients, without harming our environment and hand-made by the artisan with love and grace, each piece slightly unique and of the quality to be cherished from time to time. Our goal is to become a better and more conscious supplier every day being thoughtful towards the environment and continuing our quest to follow more sustainable practices. We never wavered but have only become more sensible towards the making of our collections.

We follow fair trade and are limiting the use of machines with a sole focus to promote more hand techniques such as weaving, dying, embroidery, beading, etc., and we also keep recycling and repurposing of excess materials as a key point to create classic products which are ageless and tell the story of our glorious craft and that too without harming our Mother Nature.

As per our bid towards a sustainable future, we make sure that our products are harmless to the skin and hence we use the raw materials as well as plating processes which are nickel-free, lead-free and cadmium-free, also they are dyed using the azo-free pigments of colors, wherever applicable.


Every item is individually examined with great detail at many stages to ensure the best to the clients, before shipping the final merchandise. Almost each of our products is completely hand-made with extreme precision making them unique and due to the hand-made process each piece of the articles is a master-piece itself.

Separate packaging and warehousing facilities for each product line allows us to maintain greater quality control, correct quantity, have smoother operations and streamline our dispatch, strictly according to the instructions of the clients.


The Fashion India, is a socially accountable and hence resolute to the essence of fair trade and equal opportunity. We make sure that we make acquaintances only with industries, brands and companies, where the workers are treated with fair respect and necessary dignity. Further, as per the client proposition, we can ensure that all employees meet the needed legal requirements.